Managing Your Social Media Class – August 22, 2017

August 22nd we will be joining our friends at the Tuesdays Together meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina to teach a class on social media management. The class is:

Managing Your Social Media
(and maintaining sanity!) as a Small Business Owner

The class will cover all aspects of managing your social media smartly as a small business owner. You will learn the tools you can use on a daily and monthly basis to help you boost your online presence without spending a lot of time doing it. We’ll cover mobile apps that will help you, how to curate your social presence to maintain your brand image, understanding analytics, using scheduling software to help you post, and more. Some topics are:

  1. Why Do Social Media?
  2. Curating Your Online Presence
  3. How To Appear Online All The Time With Just 2 Hours of Work Each Month
  4. Best Mobile Apps for Clean Brand Images
  5. How Often Should I Post to Social Media?
  6. Why Can’t Someone Do All This For Me?

The class is $20 and starts at 11am on August 22nd. The location is The Glass Box  in downtown Raleigh. The address is 230 Fayetteville St, 5th Floor, Raleigh, NC 27601


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