It’s Friday! I’m happy this week because I set some achievable goals, and just a minute ago was able to cross the last one off the list. I hate the feeling of reaching the end of a day or a week and still seeing unchecked items on my whiteboard. Hopefully this will become the new normal, and help me continue to achieve my goal of ‘lights-out’ in the office by 5pm.

What’s my method?

  • make a list of small tasks for the day, each one that can be completed ideally within an hour. This makes it less overwhelming, and easier to focus on one task at a time.
  • If it’s a computer related job, only keep the application open that deals directly with what you’re working on. If you’re on a Mac like me, hide your dock, turn off all notifications, and go into full screen mode for that app. It really helps with focus!
  • Only go on Facebook two times a day unless it’s related to scheduling a blog or something similar.
  • Only check email 2x a day – once in the morning, and again in the evening. If there is something urgent, I might check again at noon for followup.

Here’s to new goals and getting things done!

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