Managing Your Social Media Class – August 22, 2017

August 22nd we will be joining our friends at the Tuesdays Together meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina to teach a class on social media management. The class is:

Managing Your Social Media
(and maintaining sanity!) as a Small Business Owner

The class will cover all aspects of managing your social media smartly as a small business owner. You will learn the tools you can use on a daily and monthly basis to help you boost your online presence without spending a lot of time doing it. We’ll cover mobile apps that will help you, how to curate your social presence to maintain your brand image, understanding analytics, using scheduling software to help you post, and more. Some topics are:

  1. Why Do Social Media?
  2. Curating Your Online Presence
  3. How To Appear Online All The Time With Just 2 Hours of Work Each Month
  4. Best Mobile Apps for Clean Brand Images
  5. How Often Should I Post to Social Media?
  6. Why Can’t Someone Do All This For Me?

The class is $20 and starts at 11am on August 22nd. The location is The Glass Box  in downtown Raleigh. The address is 230 Fayetteville St, 5th Floor, Raleigh, NC 27601


BrandNewTuesdays! New Dates & Time


Over the last few weeks, we have introduced BrandNewTuesdays to you all through our Instagram and Periscope. This is a time for us to share free tidbits, brand advice, and the latest in social media happenings to our friends. We originally set to do it weekly … and have now discovered that it will work better for us to do it monthly. Having it weekly felt like there wasn’t enough time to prepare new content in between episodes. We always want to bring you fresh, new content – so having it monthly feels like a more manageable approach for us.

And, even though the scopes only last on Periscope for 24 hours, we are working on an access-only area of the website which will have ALL PAST BRANDNEWTUESDAYS on it! Yay!

So, for now we will be coming at you on Periscope on the first Tuesday of every month at 10AM EST. Follow us here to be notified when we go live – we love to chat with you online!

Greenhouse Picker Sisters



Holly & Amanda already had some existing branding (logo) that they really loved. They needed us to take them to the next level with their website presence, creating a site that and images that brought together the heirloom quality of all the possessions that their family has accumulated over the years which is now part of their vintage rental company.

We used their existing color palette and brought it together with beautiful graphics and images throughout the site, incorporated a product section on the website with a wishlist feature, and took product photos of their inventory for them.

boutique branding for creatives_0151 boutique branding for creatives_0152 boutique branding for creatives_0153

We designed some collateral for their brand & website launch as well – using photos from the photoshoot we did with them.

boutique branding for creatives_0154

Having professional photos taken for your brand / website is also a great investment. Since we have a team photographer, we are able to offer this service to our local clients which is a big plus when we are compiling the entire brand design!

boutique branding for creatives_0155


Embellished Blooms

We used a soft and neutral color palette to create the brand image for this floral designer. The project involved a logo creation as well as a website design with a content management system for easy updates.

boutique branding for creatives_0162 boutique branding for creatives_0163 boutique branding for creatives_0164

Check out the website here!

Karen Michelle Clark

This was a fun project to work on, that also involved creating a promo / launch video. We took some of Michelle’s favorite styles and objects, and integrated them together to create a bold, punchy, and fun color palette and website design layout. She had a logo of a lip stain that she already liked a lot, so we built on the existing design and made it more modern and cohesive with the brand palette.

boutique branding for creatives_0165 boutique branding for creatives_0166 boutique branding for creatives_0167 boutique branding for creatives_0168

Visit the website here!

The Gathering


The Gathering is a retreat for fifteen film photographers, held twice a year. There is a big focus on community, encouragement, and shooting film photography.


We needed to create a restful logo and website that focused on community, and highlighted the social aspect of the organization as well as the showcasing beautiful film photography.

boutique branding for creatives_0156 boutique branding for creatives_0157

Check out their beautiful website here!

Live View Studios

This brand focuses on fine art film wedding and family photography that is timeless and has heirloom quality. The new logo reflects the fine art style of work, and the website is clean and timeless. We designed both the logo and website for this project.

The new look is a high end, artistic and modern design that translates well into the world of fine art photography.

See the website here!

boutique branding for creatives_0169 boutique branding for creatives_0170 boutique branding for creatives_0171 boutique branding for creatives_0172

Light & Hope

This was the second branding project we worked on for Hope. She wanted to update her previous logo, and migrate to a responsive blog format that worked beautifully on all devices.

Since she is focusing on portrait and glamour photography, we constructed a clean minimal design, with a bit of sparkle and pizzazz.

See the blog here!

boutique branding for creatives_0173 boutique branding for creatives_0174 boutique branding for creatives_0175


It’s Friday! I’m happy this week because I set some achievable goals, and just a minute ago was able to cross the last one off the list. I hate the feeling of reaching the end of a day or a week and still seeing unchecked items on my whiteboard. Hopefully this will become the new normal, and help me continue to achieve my goal of ‘lights-out’ in the office by 5pm.

What’s my method?

  • make a list of small tasks for the day, each one that can be completed ideally within an hour. This makes it less overwhelming, and easier to focus on one task at a time.
  • If it’s a computer related job, only keep the application open that deals directly with what you’re working on. If you’re on a Mac like me, hide your dock, turn off all notifications, and go into full screen mode for that app. It really helps with focus!
  • Only go on Facebook two times a day unless it’s related to scheduling a blog or something similar.
  • Only check email 2x a day – once in the morning, and again in the evening. If there is something urgent, I might check again at noon for followup.

Here’s to new goals and getting things done!